ART2WORK : Film screening !

ART2WORK : Film screening !

18:30 - 19:30

quai du Hainaut 41 B
1000 Brussels

A thorough evaluation of ART2WORK's existing work experience project has shown that little-educated youngsters require a specific approach: a broad, creative and sustainable approach, which makes it possible to spot the raw talent available, to develop it and to bring it back to the city.


The aim of the ART2WORK project is to contribute to the professional insertion of little-educated youngsters from underprivileged neighbourhoods and to encourage young professionals to share experiences in a shared work space. Specifically, the project aims to achieve two results:

• The youngsters that have completed the suggested course have developed their professional project and turned it into reality;

• The creative youngsters that are just starting out are using the co-working space to set up their activities.


So as to achieve these results, the project will:

• Set up personal guidance to help youngsters start up their career: employment coaching, working closely with companies, close support with regard to starting up a business, etc.

• Fitting out the fourth floor of the Bellevue building as a creative brewery, with a big kitchen, closed-off workshops/rooms and a co-working space where skill sharing will be valued.


More information

Film viewing "Par-delà les limites", a film by Maroussia Klep and Jose Huedo

T + 32 (0)2 411 94 15