CASTII/IMAL: EXPO Red Lines / Renaming the Web

Centre Arts ● Sciences ● Technologies ● Innovations et Inclusion
Total budget: €2.90mio
Total budget EU + RBC: €2.80mio

CASTII/IMAL: EXPO Red Lines / Renaming the Web

01.05.2019 - 10.05.2019
12:30 - 17:00

30, Quai des Charbonnages,
1080 Molenbeek


The Arts, Sciences, Innovative Technology and Inclusion Centre (CASTII) project aims to create a large centre with a local, regional and international dimension, focusing on digital cultures and offering those living around the canal the opportunity to learn about creativity with digital technologies.

As project leader, the iMAL non-profit association wants to renovate and extend its premises and invest in equipment in order to provide a fablab to artists working in the digital sector and enable the local population to discover the digital world. A gallery space for public events is also planned, together with training sessions for the neighbourhood's residents, in particular through the creation of a mobile fablab.  The ERDF-BCR funds cover most of the investment expenditure related to the renovation of the iMAL offices, the extension of the current fablab, the development of a mobile fablab and the purchase of equipment for the different fablabs.

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EXPO The exhibition places in conversation two pieces that reveal and translate in new forms the infrastructures and mechanisms underlying our connected environment. They are also related by their use of P2P web technologies, an alternative to the currently dominating model of centralised web.

Red Lines, by Evan Roth, is an online synchronised viewing experience of contemplative videos that evoke critical points of the internet infrastructure.

Renaming the Web, by Raphaël Bastide and Louise Drulhe is an installation illustrating the structure and fragility of the peer-to-peer computer network that forms it.

Free visit /Monday-Friday  12PM - 5.30PM