Come to see the Zinneke Parade
Total budget: €4.20mio
Total budget EU + RBC: €4.20mio

Come to see the Zinneke Parade

15:00 - 17:00

Asbl Zinneke vzw
Centre ville
1000 Brussels

The "Masui4Ever" project aims to ensure the permanent anchoring in the city of the Zinneke non-profit organisation and its range of socio-artistic, art education and production work. The choice of neighbourhood was motivated in particular by the absence of cultural infrastructure and the lack of socio-artistic dynamism in the area. The initiative to renovate the building is intended to serve as a pilot project in terms of reusing materials and taking an ecological approach. As such, a partnership has been created with the Rotor non-profit organisation.

The ERDF-BCR fund covers expenditure for renovation-related expenditure, redeveloping and equipping the building in question, and operating expenses related to the project.

Come to see The Zinneke Parade


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Meeting point centre ville 1000 Brussel

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