Espace Hôtelier Belvue : Guided Tour!
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Espace Hôtelier Belvue : Guided Tour!

14:00 - 16:00

Quai du Hainaut 39-41
1000 Brussels

The BELVUE Hotel is not like all the others. Situated close to the city centre in a district in full revitalisation, this hotel stands out by its design, by the fact that the building is 100% passive and by the fact that it joined forces with the training centre Molenbeek Formation to train youngsters under 25.


The BELVUE hotel is constructed on the site of the former Belle-Vue breweries. 
This is a totally innovative concept, seeing as the hotel offers quality touristic and people-friendly accommodation and allows Molenbeek Formation to train valets and chambermaids on site.

The 29 rooms, boasting a contemporary and sober design, as well as the conference and banquet rooms, offering an incredible view of the Canal and of Brussels, are open to the public and benefit from the quiet and green surroundings while still being close to all the must-see spots.  A varied public will be invited to frequent what is becoming a new pole of attraction along the canal, reinforcing the many efforts to revitalise this part of the canal area and creating links between Molenbeek and the city centre.  Come and discover this new venue now!



On the same revitalising subject, part of the original buildings, the "Malt House", has been preserved and turned into an office building.

The hotel training centre of Molenbeek Formation has moved into this part . This was made possible by the Mission Locale de Molenbeek and the municipality.

In this area, the valets and chambermaids in training will be trained and prepared for the duties that afterwards will take place at the Belvue Hotel. There are big modern classrooms and a didactic room with the exact same equipment the hotel offers, so as to be able to practise in all serenity. 


The people that are trained through this work experience placement are low-skilled youngsters under 25, who are given the opportunity to learn a trade and are encouraged to embrace working life.


Since these activities were started, nearly fifty youngsters have received training.




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