- Bringing people, city and knowledge together

Total budget: €13.20mio
Total budget EU + RBC: €9.41mio - Bringing people, city and knowledge together

12:00 - 14:00

Rue Fritz Toussaint 8
1050 Brussels

To implement the desire of the government of the Brussels-Capital Region to reinforce Brussels’ academic and international development while meeting the needs of the city’s inhabitants, is responsible for creating the master plan for the transformation of the former barracks in Ixelles into a new district of Brussels – an urban and university district that is open, international, innovative, mixed, sustainable and friendly.

The Urban Development Corporation is coordinating the operational implementation of the site’s redevelopment. This includes the creation by ULB and VUB, with the support of the European Regional Development Fund, of an innovative inter-university sustainable development cluster.

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presentation and discovery of the site. Usquare is located within the walls of a former gendarmerie barracks in Ixelles.
After a working phase, this new multifunctional urban space will be home to projects led by our two universities and the Brussels-Capital Region.  The phase of temporary occupation, called See U, has already begun.